Monday, July 4, 2011


 I am fascinated by the aerial landscape.  I love looking down and seeing what the world looks like from above.  I hate not getting the window seat.  I hate it when it is cloudy.  I hate it when it gets dark.  I hate it when I should be sleeping and I just want to look out the window.  It seems like all I have been shooting is out of an airplane window lately.

 Los Angeles in the top right corner.
 Lake Mead
 Zion Natl. Park, top right
Near Milford, UT


M.J.A. said...

Just got done doing the same trip. Cool Pics.

Shelli said...

I have the same problem. When I flew in to New York for the first time, I was practically in the window seat guy's lap trying to look. I was disappointed I didn't get pictures flying in, but I made up for it when I left.