Saturday, June 11, 2011

Manila Double Set R.I.P.

This week I discovered that the old Manila double set in Pleasant Grove has gone the way of EMB, the San Dieguito rail, and the original Dixie blocks.  The church had not been in use for a couple of years, and I figured it was only a matter of time before it was torn down.  Well, it isn't getting torn down, but it is getting a major facelift.  It is being turned into an art center, I think.
Here is what it looked like this morning:

I have taken a handful of skaters to this spot over the years, and it has left most bruised and broken-- those that have actually tried to skate it anyway, most just got back in the car.   The set is big for being only 9 stairs tall.  The runway is pretty short and messed up with a crack in front of the stairs.  The landing is rough black top.  Not ideal.

Jon Hart ollied the set in the dark with car headlights... so gnar.  Devin York 50-50ed the flat and down... third try and then 3 times in a row-- all for the photo, we didn't have a filmer. He later lipslid the flat and down.

There were also a couple of tricks that were not made.  I have sat on these photos, hoping to return to the set and get the make.  Now that isn't going to happen.  So... I figured I would show people how gnar a couple guys got and didn't quite ride away.  Here are the after-black-hammers that got away.

Brodie Penrod had this switch flip on lock.  He put it on the ground four times, clipping his tail on the bottom stair a few times.  After a number of bails, his feet couldn't take it anymore.  X-rays showed he had actually "dented" a bone in his foot. 
The aftermath ended up being the "Love It or Leave It" cover.

Matty Coles came down to Utah County to shoot for a SLUG interview.  I thought Matty's rail skills were perfect for this spot.  He went for it, put on the rail a number of times, couldn't pull it, and it got dark.  Bummer.

These two photos are two of the gnarliest tricks I have ever shot.  I have to say thanks to all the skaters for jumping down this monster.  It will now go down in the lore of Utah skate spots.

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