Tuesday, February 1, 2011


You can view the video again here

The past couple months I have been working hard on a complete re-brand for the company formerly known as APX Alarm.  Here is a little montage of the re-brand process and some the shenanigans that happen when you work really long hours.
This piece was created by the Vivint marketing team.  I did most of the photography, aside from a few mock ups.  I will post more images up in the next few days.

***Update***   This video was created and intended for internal use within the company to give the employees an idea of the re-brand process.  It may or may not be opened up again for public viewing.  (Not my decision).


Sarah Carabine said...

looks good! i'm excited to see more of your work for vivint... i hope things are well for you!

Johanna said...

Nice work! It looks like they just tossed you into the deep end of the pool - good thing you are an accomplished swimmer!!

Alyssa Vincent said...

YAY Weston! Kekoa just started programming for them- I hope they are paying you well! Good luck with everything!