Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gila Valley Temple, AZ

A couple weeks ago I was in 90 degree weather in Arizona assisting and shooting the Gila Valley Temple.  Of course in Utah, it snowed two days ago.
The Temple open house is on now.  If you are in Arizona, you should check it out.  If not, go here to see more photos.
I was on the job to assist, but I got the chance to shoot a second angle of the temple exterior.  This is my only photo on the site.  (The version on the site was processed by someone else).  The other shots are by John Luke.


Jessica Brunette said...

I've been looking at your blog every now and again for a little while now, and I love the colors and the subjects you use in your photography. It's quite unique and not what I constantly see in others' shots. Well done! --Jessica, in AZ

Jeremy.Celeste said...

I am from a town about 45 minutes away from there. It is actually in New Mexico, but it is close enough to the border we just say Arizona. It is Duncan Arizona. I really like the picture you took. Thanks for sharing it. I like what you captured. This is how I remember the area growing up. You did such a great job.