Tuesday, February 16, 2010

UVU Magazine: Winter 2010

The new issue of UVU Magazine is out now.  Here are some of the shots I have in the mag, including my first cover.

Cover photo illustration by me, design by Matt Bambrough.  Athletes:  Allyce Jones, Tyray Petty, Jace Brinkerhoff.

NCAA story and Great West Conference ad layout and design by Bradley Trinnaman.

Pre-design photos

Camie Manwill

Tyray Petty

Flint Ray

UVU Girls Soccer won the Great West Conference.

UVU Alumni Award Winners


Whitney Hardie said...

awesome job weston. The design is super cool and those headshots at the bottom - amazing lighting.

Anonymous said...

siiiiiick. the volleyball one is ill.

Ledge Loaf said...

You've been getting some good photos man! Congrats on the cover, I like the wrestling and soccer photos the best.

Ashton Rodgers said...


Mark Weinberg said...

WOW. Wonderful images. I have visited your blog multiple times today to look at them again and again. I even remember walking down the street today and I kept thinking about them...rock on Weston.

Weston Colton Photo said...

Much thanks to everyone for your comments!

christian said...

all this stuff is sooo tight!! killer job.

Johanna said...

Saw the actual magazine last week at Mom & Dad's house. So cool to see your work there with the credits! I caught a glimpse of the Alumni shots and thought, "those are Weston's!" before I even looked for the credits ('course I recognized the background!) Congratulations!