Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Barrens

Has anyone read the book It by Stephen King?  I read it in 6th grade and it got me hooked on Stephen King books when I was young.  That book was really scary.  The made for TV mini-series starring John Ritter, with Tim Curry as Pennywise the clown, did absolutely no justice to the book.

As Wikipedia puts it:

"The Barrens is a small tract of land still heavily covered in trees and plant life. Derry's landfill is located here, as is a gravel pit and several sewer pump-stations. The Barrens plays the most prominent a role in It, as the Losers adopt it as their home away from home, even building a clubhouse there."

Tonight I went out to photograph and decided to visit this area near my house.  I have been there before and had always been a little creeped out walking alone through the "woods" that seemed oddly out of place.  I found old junk people had dumped there, like refridgerators, school desks, mattresses, etc.  I never associated it before, but tonight as I looked through my photos, I realized that this area was exactly like The Barrens in It.  In the book, there is even an old fridge in the Barrens that a kid locks animals in to kill them.  I'm telling you, creepy stuff.


christian said...

Yea a high spook factor going on here. Like the split tone treatments.

fauxsure said...

Creepy stuff. Is this in American Fork? Or down by Monroe?

Weston Colton Photo said...

This is in American Fork. It's at the same place that I shot those dirt photos with Matty Coles.

Anonymous said...

The movie IT is the reason why clowns and random balloons scare me :) Cool pictures though!

so said...

just did some drifting through your blog and web site, your stuff is rad.

Val said...

Creepy! I think I read that book right after you did, either because I borrowed it from you or saw you reading it and was interested. It freaked me out!