Sunday, November 22, 2009

Team Monroe Reunion

Today I got together with my skate crew from high school and had a bit of a reunion session. We were missing a few guys from our original crew, but we also had a few Team Monroe associates that we had met over the years in attendance, namely Jon and Matt Hart, and David Law.
For anyone that doesn't know, I am from a very small, rural part of Utah. Monroe was where I went to school, and we dubbed our skate crew "Team Monroe". We were a close knit bunch, since we comprised the entire skate community in our little group. Skateboarding wasn't so hot in the mid to late 90s and especially not so hot in rural Utah. We honed our skills on homemade boxes, rails, quarterpipes, and random junk we brought to empty parking lots. No skateparks, not even good street spots. But we always had fun.

Today we skated almost all day-- at Orem park, and then two street spots. I brought my camera, but just like in the old days, I was having too much fun skating to stop and take any photos. I managed to get out the G10 and snap these at the end of the day as everyone had used up all their energy and sun was setting. We're all going to be sore tomorrow...I already am. We certainly aren't 17 anymore.

McKay Stevens
Andrew Cottle
Tristan Washburn
Cory Dunn
and myself


the coltons said...

my boys. i still miss my team monroe sticker on my windshield. i love that first picture - it's awesome. too bad alex wasn't around. looks like fun :)

the coltons said...

oh and you're still so hot.

ow ow

Weston Colton Photo said...

I wish you could have made it Alex. Bring your board to Thanksgiving!

Unknown said...

That's pretty cool you guys could get together after all these years.