Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Matty Coles x SLUG Mag

I'm a little late with the post, but the October issue of SLUG Magazine has dropped and it has an editorial piece I did with Matty Coles. We had a blast shooting this piece. Matty and I got dirty and made spots out of nearly nothing. This was some of the sketchiest stuff to skate. Matty had some pretty good things to say. Go pick up an issue or go to SLUG's site and read the story HERE.
I have included shots that didn't make the article due space constraints...enjoy.

Frontside nosegrind pop out.

360 flip into the hill.

Junk blunt to fakie.
Nose pick.
We made a gap over the concrete with a sketchy landing full of cracks. I included three angles to get a better idea of how gnar this was.


Justice Goble said...

this is sick! these photos have me psyched on life right now!

fauxsure said...

Is that first one a scan from the scan I sent you? I need to get your negatives to you.

Ledge Loaf said...

I dig the concrete pile photos. Nice stuff, I actually saw it in SLUG a couple weeks ago.