Tuesday, September 1, 2009

sagebrush and salt

Anyone familiar with the "Tree of Utah" located out by the Great Salt Lake near the Bonneville Salt Flats? It is an enormous sculpture of a "tree" that has balls at the top... anyway, the point is this: I saw a photograph of this sculpture and the photographer's description gave the history of the piece and then basically called it ugly, but then she said "The sad thing is that this tree is the only thing for hours worth photographing". My jaw dropped upon reading this. I couldn't believe such a statement would be made by a "photographer", and a landscape photographer to boot. Apparently she doesn't think the Great Salt Lake or the Salt Flats are "worth photographing".
WOW. I'm offended.
Well, here are some more photos of things not worth photographing. Enjoy.


Whitney Hardie said...

I love the last one especially. Shame on that "photographer."

Lucy Call Photography said...

The salt flats have always been a personal favorite of mine. When i was little, we used to go on picnics to the great salt lake the way people go to the beach. It's pretty much the same, right? I love the photos, especially how the wood posts look like they are floating on the bottom one.