Saturday, July 11, 2009


Ollies are the most basic of skate tricks and are essential to virtually all other tricks. Something so basic can still be so cool and stylish all by itself when done by the right person.
Dirk with the poked variety...

Cameron - shifty
Casey (or KC?) - huge ollie

Matt - ollie north
Last night I witnessed Matt do one of the biggest ollies I have ever seen in person. Picture a 16 stair with a wall and a drop on one side...then imagine jumping over that wall from the top of the stairs...then jumping over it again on someone else's skateboard because yours broke from the impact of the other attempt...then you do it again like 15 more times just because you can.Here is a shot of me for good measure. Photo by Sam Milianta.


brandon said...

sam's photos always have that nice photographer-is-lurking-in-the-shadows feeling to them

fauxsure said...

Leica.....more like lurka. That's my style.