Thursday, May 14, 2009

Flashback Film Fridays x Sean Hadad

I dug up some old skate photos from 2003. This post I'm featuring all film captured images. (Sorry about the dusty print scans). All analog, all natty light, all shot with an OM1.
This is a ripper named Sean Hadad. Sean is one of the gnarliest guys that I have ever skated with. He is the kind of kid that would have jumped down these rails even if he was skating alone--no camera, no audience. None of these were even filmed.
Back tail at Urban, in Orem.

Back five at the University of Utah.And the steepest boardslide in I have ever seen. Patrick Harding on the ground, and Brady Wightman watching from the top.


Blake Johnson said...

So classic! Photo of Hadad, yeah! I'm going to have to follow your lead on posting oldies.

Unknown said...

I miss lurking Brady. What a good kid and a good skateboarder he was. I have a couple other photos you gave me from the same day where Brady is making faces under the stairs or something like that. haha