Wednesday, May 13, 2009

American Fork Skatepark x Brodie Penrod x Matt Fisher

I rarely take out my camera at a skatepark, let alone get out the whole kit with flashes and everything. I only do that when exceptional skateboarding is going down. That was the case tonight.
I showed up at the AF park with about an hour of daylight left, and ended up leaving with a handful photos and witnessed some amazing tricks I have never done/will never do in my life.
I got the camera out after Brodie switch kickflipped the 8 stair 3 times, (which I didn't photograph). On a challenge, Brodie kickflipped over the large hubba (again, 3-4 times, which works out great for me). Then I started tossing out tricks for him to do on the hubba, and he quickly landed a back tail, back smith (1st try ever), and a back nosegrind. Once again he did multiple back tails and back nosegrinds for me. As Brodie finished, he challenged Matt to frontside flip the hubba--which he did 3 times. Pretty amazing session for the last 30 minutes of daylight.

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Mark Weinberg said...

These are great. Some of my favorites for sure. The composition and lighting is sweet. The sky in the background is great too.