Saturday, March 21, 2009


VAPHO134: Intro to Photography
That is the first class that you take in the photography program at BYU. There are a handful of things that the teachers do NOT want to see in your photographs:
Old barns
L.D.T.s (little dead things)

I once heard Paul Adams say that you could turn in just one sunset photo your entire career in the program, so you had better make it a good one. This isn't an assignment, and...pretty colors in the sky still make me point my camera at them.
On other 134 critique notes: my horizon line in not in the center of the frame, and I have worked in an odd number of poles/trees (even numbers are a design no-no).
Feel free to 134 me some more if you like.

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Kate said...

thanks for the VA134 tips; i finally get to take it in the spring (that's the only time they offer it to non-majors).

also. as a blog-stalker, i love your work. thanks!