Saturday, March 21, 2009

Northplatte Skateboard(er)s

Mckay Stevens and Joshua James are well known on the music scene in Utah. They both perform with various arrangements of artists under different monikers, but most notably are Joshua James (as himself of course), and The Vibrant Sound is Mckay's main project.
The two also run a record label called Northplatte Records. It might not be as well known that the two are skaters. I don't mean longboard, but actual skateboarding, where people do tricks, and get harassed by cops. They do it well, too.
Mckay and I go back to 1996, when all we had was a box, a rail and church parking lot to skate. The sessions in the street in front of Joshua's house definitely bring back that feeling of being 16, and loving every second of skating that junky box, or a waxed curb.
Skateboarding is what got me into photography in the first place. There was a turning point when I wanted to capture that one "decisive moment" more than film the whole trick. Anyone that has tried shooting skateboarding, or any action photo for that matter, knows how tricky the timing is to get that perfect shot.
I love to skate, and I love to photograph it.
Here are some photos from the last couple weeks. Enjoi.

Mckay - wallride
backside 5-0
frontside 5-0
Joshua -feeble
nollie back tail
nollie smith


elise lauren photography said...

I am very happy to see that this was finally photographed! Great.

Stone said...

Rad, Weston...
How come y'all's mini-sesh looks so much more gnar than when I mini-sesh in my office parking lot?
(I hate everyone who skates better than me. Which explains why I hate everyone.)

Tyler Braithwaite said...

joshua james is a killer.