Thursday, January 8, 2009

Brodie Penrod in Slug Magazine

I have been shooting with Brodie for about the last six months. This month's issue of SLUG Magazine has a write up and a few photos that I did with Brodie. He is an amazing skater--every time I shoot with him he blows my mind. Due to space restraints, SLUG only ran a few images in the print mag, but they posted more on the web. I wanted to post almost all of them here. You can check out the article and the rest of the mag here:
Front board
Back lip
Back smith--fish eye

Back smith--long lens

Switch flip

Front feeble jam

Front blunt

Back smith

Feeble kickflip transfer

SWITCH feeble
Backside 360 the Roof Gap at the U of U
Lots of hard work...the doctor's visit following this photo told Brodie that he had "dented" a bone in his foot. Thanks for going 100% Brodie.

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Stone said...

Hell's yeah, Weston!
The switch feeble shot is sick... nice cut on the others, too...