Sunday, October 12, 2008

Urban Landscapes and Barriers

These first two are from another series of images that I am calling "Barriers." I began working on this series earlier this year, but I was shooting them all on a 4x5 view camera with Polaroid Type 59 and doing emulsion lifts. The subject matter is similar and related to the urban landscapes, however it deals with different types of "barriers" that we find in our day to day life. They represent not just the physical boundaries in the world, but the obstacles we face on a personal level.
(pretty deep, I know).

In continuation of the urban landscapes:
"The Green House Series"

This one doesn't quite fit into either category.

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Ashton Rodgers said...

these are pimp. i dig the green house stuff. keep going, i want to see more. oh and that was pretty deep.