Monday, August 18, 2008

Weston Colton by Sam Milianta

I thought it would be appropriate to post a portrait of Sam that I shot with film--medium format film at that. Sam is a film purist, but not to the point of being a self -righteous, digital hating, Holga toting hipster. (Besides, Dianas are the new Holga).

Sam Milianta 2006 - cross processed

These photos were taken by my friend Sam Milianta. They are all shot on film, and the black and white was processed by Sam in his makeshift bathroom/darkroom. He is awesome. Thanks for shooting me Sam.

Frontside ollie
(This is my all time favorite skate photo of me)
Frontside smith grind - Cross processed
Front smith again, but in black and white
For more of Sam's photos, check out: and

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