Sunday, August 24, 2008

SLUG Magazine Summer of Death: Summer Detention

This past weekend skateboarders convened in the parking lot of the University of Utah Trax station to begin the final SLUG Mag skate competition of the summer. The contest was unlike most skate comps held in perfectly contained areas designated for skateboarding, aka skateparks. Oh no. This contest was held at real skate spots found throughout the University of Utah campus. 35 skaters were divided up into 5 groups of 7, and each group had a tour guide to lead them through campus to designated spots where judges and a photographer were posted up waiting. They got a 15 minute session and as soon as the next group showed up, they got 3 more tries and then had to move on to the next spot. Sounds like fun, right?
I was the photographer posted up at the first spot, which was a nice 8 foot flat gap. Once the last group had come through, I packed up my gear and cruised down to the last spot (which was the 8 rail by the stadium) and managed to get a handful of shots there too.
Good turnout, lots of fun, and sheer anarchy...except for the perfectly organized groups skating designated spots in timed runs , of course.
This beautiful switch kickflip ended in a broken ankle.

Matt Fisher : nollie backside 180

Omar : nollie flip

Dyllan Call : front feeble

Dyllan Call : front salad

Ed "Changsta" Chang : switch heelflip

Kevin killed it with a nollie inward heelflip here, and a nollie 5-0 on the 8 rail.

I don't know this kid's name, but let me list the tricks he did over this: kickflip melon (pictured), backside 180 airwalk (pictured below), backside 180 heelflip, attempted backside 360 kickflip...

Backside Flip

Brodie Penrod : 360 flip

Brodie : switch flip (he also switch frontside bigspinned it)

David Law : Official spot guide


Kimberly Ngarupe said...

dylan killed it on the 8 spot.

Kimberly Ngarupe said...

whoops, this is davis, it was really me who left that last comment( and this one)... not kim.

matt winskowski said...

Weston I realized that the exact time of the competition I was working.

David Law is god.

Unknown said...

I see Sam made it to the big time over at slap.

Anonymous said...

such an amazing photographer