Sunday, August 31, 2008

Skyline High School

These are photos from a failed photo mission. It seemed simple enough. Go to Skyline, Tyson feebles the rail, and we leave. Not so much. Tyson boardslid the 13 rail about 15 times (at least). Just when he was about to go for the feeble...cops show up. No tickets were issued, but it was a total buzzkill for the night. I lost all my good shooting light (I was planning on shooting with Jovi somewhere after the Skyline session, but we sat there with the cops for nearly an hour), and the photo we went to shoot didn't happen. Here is what came of it. Matt ollied the stairs, and here is one of Tyson's boardslides.

Matt Fisher

Tyson Bowerbank and his dad filming. The cop (approximately age 27) lectured Tyson's dad and told him he was "dissapointed in him".


fauxsure said...

Was he disappointed in "him" or the fact that he probably:

a) made more money than the cop

b) actually was doing something semi-enjoyable with his life.

fauxsure said...

Also, there's a story about Salman Agah where a cop told him to "have a nice day" right after issuing him a skateboarding ticket and Salman said, "You bet I'll have a nice day, it'll be better than your whole life".

Alex Cottle said...

you know what, police man, your job is to uphold the law, issue tickets, and be utterly unlikeable. that's it.

oh wait....

i was gonna say, "not tell me how to live my life", but i guess that falls under the "be utterly unlikeable" heading. my bad.