Monday, August 11, 2008

Sean Winskowski: Skateboarder

Sean Winskowski is skateboarder from Midvale. He rips and has style for days. This is basically six photos of two tricks. Even though they are the same trick three times, each one has a distinct quality that I really like and want to show. Besides...this is just a blog and I can show you whatever I want.
Sean Winskowski: 18(?) years old
Ollie to fakie #1
Ollie to fakie #2
Ollie to fakie #3
Wallride #1
Wallride #2
Wallride #3
Ollie- poked for extra style points


Whitney Hardie said...

I like shot #3 on both tricks the best. But ollie to fakie #2 is a really interesting angle.

You are so good.

matt winskowski said...

weston is the best, sean wearing the black on black goes so good with these shots.

great job weston

fauxsure said...

That was a fun night. Nice portrait with the 85mm and go Midvale!