Tuesday, August 5, 2008

NYC Revisited

Here are some photos from my trip to New York City in March of 2007. Again, these are almost all shots that were never really seen by anyone but myself. All but the last 2 images were shot with an Olympus OM1 and a sweet 50mm F/1.4 lens. I really need a lens like that for my Nikon gear. The NYC skyline and St. Patrick's Cathedral were shot with my Nikon digi.

Paul Adams and John Telford - These are two of my professors...

They like to clown around.

Orchid - Decor in Ilan Rubin's studio.
Cross processed...I don't remember if this is Kodak or Fuji.

Chair and portfolio files - Ilan Rubin's studio. Check him out. Ilan is amazing.

Hexagonal boots

The Flatiron Building


St. Patrick's Cathedral - http://www.erikdalzen.com/ waiting on the stairs.
NYC Skyline from Brooklyn - Impressionism?
The tallest is the 40 Wall St Building (I think). NYC's 5th tallest building.
2 seconds hand held


Kelli Nicole said...

Oh, I love these!! Especially the ones of John and Paul and the flat iron building. I need to go back and revisit my pics of this trip...though mine are all of the people on the trip, not so much the radness of the city.

Rupeshow said...

kim and i bought that St. Patrick's Cathedral photo from coal umbrella.

Anonymous said...

I realy like your work weston. It's got a distinct style that I think is chill. Keep it up.