Thursday, July 31, 2008

SLUG Magazine Summer of Death: GhettOlympics

I was asked to be one of the photographers at the first SLUG Magazine Summer of Death skateboard contest a few weeks ago. This contest was called The GhettOlympics, and for good reason. The comp was held in a parking lot on ghetto home made boxes and rails--just like the good old days in the church parking lot. They also had "Olympic" events like longest powerslide, hippie jump hurdles, and a shot put/board toss. It was really HOT. Enjoy a few highlights that I captured.

Kevin Emerson - frontside 180 to switch crooks
David Law - Crook jam on cue
Dirty Sean Hadley - Skateboard Toss

Morgan - Hippie Jump Hurdles

Brodie Penrod - Frontside 5-0 to switch crook

Brodie Penrod - Kickflip back smith...he landed this 3 times for me.

David Law - Pole jam melon

Eric Hess - Powerslide

I don't know this guy's name. Bluntslide.

Check out the August issue of SLUG for the write up and more photos from the comp.

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BTO said...

Weston. this is Cameron, Betty's husband. I was just looking through your past 5 or 6 pages of posts and i am amazed. not just one of those nice comments on your blog.... your stuff is incredible! sure you probably spent a ton on equipment and lighting, but you know how to use it! im very impressed, keep it up. and somehow i need to motivate betty to shoot more often. nice work!