Sunday, July 20, 2008

Skateboarding IS a Crime

Tonight I had a mission to get a photo for the next Technique ad for Slug Magazine. Deadline was four days ago. After numerous scheduling conflicts and injured skaters, I was able to meet up with Danny Souk tonight. After weighing our options, we went to a spot that looked very promising, only to promptly get kicked out before a skateboard had even been taken out of the car. (NOTE: prepare for "no skateboarding" rant). Apparently, skateboarding is "against the law" in the entire city of Cottonwood Heights, except at the skate park (Guthrie park by Brighton HS) and on the sidewalk on the way to the skate park. Evidently, skateboarding IS a crime. When I was about 10 years old, I had a tee shirt that Thrasher Magazine made with a portrait of Mark Gonzales in the classic prison striped clothing with a caption that read "USE A SKATE, GO TO PRISON." That was 1990. Where are we at now nearly 20 years later? Yes, public acceptance of skateboarding is greater now than ever, but at what cost? The X Games, Bam, Ryan Sheckler, Rob and Big, every other store in the mall that sells "skater shoes," etc. etc. Heck, skateboarding is nearly in the Olympics.
All this "acceptance" has just made it harder to go out and skate like we used to.
I am so sick of being harassed (yes HARASSED) by police officers, and even everyday people that feel a duty and need to make it their business to kick skateboarders out of somewhere. Skate parks are great and all, but I think most cities build them just so they have an excuse to ban skating everywhere but within the fenced in confines of their skate park.
I could go on for hours about this, as I am very passionate about the subject. BUT, I will stop my diatribe and post some photos to entertain you (if anyone even read this far).
This is Danny Souk. I just met him today. He rips. We went to a different spot, and got a super good trick. AND, Jovi and Glenn also got sick tricks/photos that may be posted soon. It turned out all right. Fun was had by all. Danny's actual trick photo will be posted once the August Slug drops. And finally, here is Jovi's hand. Another skate tee comes to mind..."Give Blood - Skateboard"

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fauxsure said...

You should watch Tim Irwin's documentary. Skateboarding IS a crime....that's what makes it so appealing. That Gonz tee sounds rad. I remember that photo. I'm rambling.