Wednesday, July 30, 2008

On a Highway through Rural Utah

As I mentioned in a previous post, I took a drive down to my hometown last weekend. Traveling alone is ideal for me when I want to photograph. The typical 2 hour drive turned into 4 hours. It was nice having no agenda, nor assignment, and simply photographing whatever caught my eye. I could easily drive all day and do this--just ask my wife about the drive home from San Diego and my detour on Rt. 66 through sketchy-horror movie-esque desert towns (if you can call them towns).
Enough talking. Here are some images from the drive.

Highway 89 - Salina, UT

Camoflauge Trailer - Salina, UT

Winnebago - Aurora UT

Fire Hydrant - Aurora UT

Bacon Double Cheesburger - Nephi UT

Gunnison Barber Shop - Gunnison UT

Casino Star Theatre, est. 1913 - Gunnison UT

My Mother's Arabians - Central Valley UT

Old Hwy 89, directly in front of my parents' house. This is the "street" I grew up on during my teenage years - Central Valley UT


Whitney Hardie said...

whoa! The barbershop and the theater...amazing. Awesome shots Weston.

Kati Ellis said...

weston, your photographs always have such a definite style to them. I absolutely love the barber shop.

jenica said...

i love all your photographs. all the time. how are you??

Ashton Rodgers said...

hey weston, can i trade prints with you sometime? i have a thing for hamburgers. i know it's weird.

Jamie said...

Amazing photos! I grew up in Aurora and while I love it, I never thought it could make for beautiful photos.

Anonymous said...

For the 1st 11 years of my life I got all my haircuts in that chair(actually I remember two). I can remember feeling grown up when the barber took off the board that went over the arm rests, that little kids sat on.
You brught a tear to my eye with memories I haven't thought about in years. My 1st kiss at the Theatre, Julie Lymon, who pass way too early in this life.