Friday, July 18, 2008

Jovi Bathemess

This an outtake from a Polaroid series I am working on. I don't want to post the shots I am going to use until I have it all finished. This is a nollie backside lipslide on a tall, tight rail. In fact, Jovi smashed his hand on the red pillar on this shot.Nollie Backside Lipslide

A portrait from last summer

Switch Heelflip at the Murray bump last summer


Mark Weinberg said...

This polaroid is amazing. It's only an outtake? The real deal must be ridiculously amazing. (I may be partial to this shot because of the great architecture.) The color is great. The lines of the building all draw you in toward the center which is perfect. Awesome.

fauxsure said...

I like the switch heel because I like to pretend the board is hitting the filmer in the face for being in the shot. That portrait is rad.