Thursday, April 24, 2008

Skateboarding and Polaroids

Today I skated with McKay Stevens and Joshua James in the morning, and then I skated with Sam Milianta and David Law in the afternoon. Both were good sessions. I am starting a new skateboarding project: I am shooting Type 59 Polaroid film with a 4x5 view camera, and then I am going to lift the Polaroids. I got my first shot tonight with David. He back tailed up a nice slanted ledge. Sorry, I am not posting the image yet. I want to get a good 5 or 6 (or more) shots together and try to get a story in Arkade or Slug. I intend to send them in to Slap Magazine as well. Here is a shot of David and Sam... one Polaroid and one digi. I had a issues with my film on this shot. I think it was little cold and didn't develop long enough, so it looks underexposed.

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Unknown said...

Sounds like some fun sessions. I will be looking forward to peeping the rest of the photos.