Saturday, April 26, 2008

I love skateboarding...

and I love photography. And I love shooting skateboarding photos. Tonight I hooked up with Sam again and we had an epic sesh at a bank in Midvale. We are talking nothing waxed, rough blacktop, a couple manny pads and that is it. This is a spot like we used to skate in Monroe--a spot that isn't really a spot. After a bit we headed up to Guthrie skatepark with Matt and Sean Winskowski. Shortly thereafter another crew showed up and Matt, Sam, Beau Davis and I took off to shoot a quick photo before dark. Beau put down a perfect tuck knee indy off this loading dock bump. Matt boosted this steezy ollie for me as well. This dock is pretty big, and the landing is rough. Matt took one on the shoulder the first try, and it looked like it hurt. Next try: bolts and this resulting photo.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Skateboarding and Polaroids

Today I skated with McKay Stevens and Joshua James in the morning, and then I skated with Sam Milianta and David Law in the afternoon. Both were good sessions. I am starting a new skateboarding project: I am shooting Type 59 Polaroid film with a 4x5 view camera, and then I am going to lift the Polaroids. I got my first shot tonight with David. He back tailed up a nice slanted ledge. Sorry, I am not posting the image yet. I want to get a good 5 or 6 (or more) shots together and try to get a story in Arkade or Slug. I intend to send them in to Slap Magazine as well. Here is a shot of David and Sam... one Polaroid and one digi. I had a issues with my film on this shot. I think it was little cold and didn't develop long enough, so it looks underexposed.

Monday, April 21, 2008

American Fork Skatepark

This is American Fork skatepark. There is a lot of local talent.Colton Brown back lip.
Colton Brown switch 270 front board to fakie.
Jennifer carving in the gigantic bowl.
This is as close as my board comes to the bowl. That thing is ridiculous.
Brandon Hobush backside disaster.
Brandon Hobush front feeble.Shawn Taylor back salad to fakie.
Shawn Taylor
Shawn can do 360 flips all day long.

Ninety Nine Ninety out of bounds

This editorial is about the backcountry that is off the Ninety Nine Ninety lift at The Canyons. You take the lift up. Then you have to hike up the mountain even further. Then you go through a gate that lets you know you might die if you go through it. It even has a skull and cross bones. If you are willing to put in the effort, this does offer some of the best powder riding in the resort, however it is an expert only area. There was an avalanche in this bowl a few years ago and people were killed.

Northplatte Records presents: Isaac Russell

I have been working on a number of editorial stories for my class this semester. Here are some of the photos...This story is about Isaac Russell, and the recording and production of his first album with Northplatte Records. Go to to hear some of the songs from the forthcoming album, which has a release date of June 3rd. Also, go to to check out Northplatte Records, which is run by musicians Mckay Stevens and Joshua James.

Joshua and Mckay