Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Swing Arm City - Caineville, UT

These are some shots that I did for a story on off-roading near Caineville, Utah. The area where open off-roading is permitted has been made significantly smaller. Environmentalists have been pushing the Bureau of Land Management to close down the area completely to off road vehicles. I found a hundred people enjoying the otherwise empty, desolate desert.
This is known as Swing Arm City. North Caineville Mesa can be seen in the distance.

Factory Butte, which lies outside the open riding area.


Mark Weinberg said...

I really want a copy of the last image.

Whitney Hardie said...

Weston, I can't say it enough...these images are rad! You are going places for sure.

Skybob said...

Wow, great pictures! Caineville is one of my favorite places to ride. There is really no better use for this area. It's desolate, dry, barren...,but some of the best dirt bike terrain in the world.

Anonymous said...

The whole area needs to be shut down.Atv's are damaging the mancos dunes and the dust is nuts.Look at the pictures people!People enjoying vandalizing public property is not a noble activity.Wow,destroying the land so nobody in the future can enjoy it.I guess thats what some people think sharing the land is all about?Who wants to go there when you get run over by yahoos on beer 'n bikes?