Thursday, January 10, 2008

More New Work

Capital Reef--ISO 100 black and white film pushed to ISO 400. That is film grain, not pixels.
Here is an older shot, from last March. Chelsea Piers, NYC. Cross processed film, Fuji Provia 100.
Another shot from last year that I recently came across. Catholic church, near Genola, UT.
This was for an assignment. I only got one shot/frame/picture for this image. This is my shoe box full of spare Nike laces.

I did these as an editorial style series on sewing.

New Work

Most of this portraiture series was done for an advanced Photoshop class. The first four are composites. (I did shoot all of this).
Adam GreenJenica Heintzelman
Jesse Bohannon
Mark Anderson
Jenica Heintzelman

John Telford at Capital Reef
Mark and Me at the Canyons...cross processed Agfa Precisa, shot with a half frame camera.